AmSECT's Standards and Guidelines


AmSECT’s Standards and Guidelines for Perfusion Practice were created as a checklist or template to ensure departments follow what is expected of a perfusion team by its national society. The items listed in these documents are what AmSECT has determined are the minimum requirements for safe cardiopulmonary bypass.

The documents are to be used as a template to ensure the principles of each standard are adhered to, while each guideline is to be considered but not mandatory. Sections of the Standards and Guidelines are in published literature, but many are recommendations and consensus opinions of the committee and voting membership.

AmSECT voting members approved the following Standards and Guidelines in 2017:

AmSECT Standards and Guidelines For Perfusion Practice (2017)*
AmSECT Standards and Guidelines For Mechanical Circulatory Support (2017)
AmSECT Standards and Guidelines for Pediatric and Congenital Perfusion Practice (2019)

*Endorsed by the American Association for Thoracic Surgery

The ICEBP reviewed and updated the 2017 Standards and Guidelines for Perfusion Practice document. You can view the current proposed draft along with the comparison document. Please then cast your vote by February 9, 2023.

Important Note on Scope

AmSECT recognizes that individual medical centers may have local policies that supersede AmSECT's Standards and Guidelines. Likewise, AmSECT recognizes that some districts or states may have laws that supersede AmSECT's Standards and Guidelines. As a result, Perfusionists practicing within those jurisdictions should comply with those policies and regulations. These Standards and Guidelines may also be superseded by the healthcare professional's judgment taking into account the facts and circumstances of the individual case.


Standard: Practices, technology and/or conduct of care that institutions shall meet in order to fulfill the minimum requirements for cardiopulmonary bypass.

Guideline: A recommendation that should be considered and may assist in the development and implementation of protocols.

Protocol:An institution-specific written document, derived from professional standards and guidelines, which contains decision and treatment algorithms.

Word Usage

Shall: In this document, the word shall is used to indicate a mandatory requirement.

Should: In this document, the word should is used to indicate a recommendation.

Surgical Care Team: In this document, the term surgical care team is used to indicate the group surgeon, anesthesiologist, Perfusionist, nurse, and technicians.