AmSECT and Orrum PSO

As announced in May 2022, AmSECT and Orrum PSO have partnered together to offer AmSECT members access to this new incident reporting tool to help clinicians understand and avoid safety events during extracorporeal support procedures. Benefits to AmSECT members include:

  • Free submission and analysis of events through the anonymous, confidential, and privileged reporting portal
  • Access to an exclusive “AmSECT Annual Report” on safety generated from non-identified data provided by the PSO in collaboration with the AmSECT Safety and the Quality committees.
  • Perfusion teams that have universal AmSECT membership can receive a 50% discount on PSO memberships for their facilities.

We continue to look for additional benefits in this collaboration and will provide more information as it becomes available. Visit Orrum to learn more. You can also reach out to us at  

Orrum Annual Report 2023