SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund Scholarship

SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund Scholarship


AmSECT believes that our certified practicing perfusionists are often looking for new ways to give back to the community. With that in mind, AmSECT and the AmSECT Foundation are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with SpecialtyCare to create the SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund!

We are proud to partner with SpecialtyCare to launch the SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund, in honor of Al Stammers receiving The John H. Gibbon Jr. Award, which will provide an endowment to support perfusionists wishing to travel abroad for medical missions. AmSECT will administer the endowment donation from SpecialtyCare, and this fund will go directly towards the remuneration for airfare and lodging (up to $3,000). Unlike other mission funds and scholarships that are often awarded to students, the SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund will be offered to certified practicing perfusionists that desire the opportunity to share their skills abroad with those who need them. AmSECT and SpecialtyCare believe in both the continued innovation of the field and the professional needs of extracorporeal technology here and abroad. 


  • The committee conducts quarterly reviews of applications. If you require expedited consideration of your application, please contact us at amsect@amsect.org. 
  • An applicant can choose a mission and travel anytime occuring within the year. Please send your mission date if you have it available. This is not necessary, but we would like to know of it if we can. 
  • The applicant will submit a letter of acceptance from a charity to join an upcoming mission. However, the specific mission date does not need to be included in order to complete the scholarship application.

If you are currently a perfusionist with an interest in participating in a global effort to share the insight of our profession throughout the world, please consider applying. The applicant should be out of school and a certified practicing perfusionist. The applicant must be a US citizen and an AmSECT member in good standing.

Application Requirements:

  • SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund Scholarship Application & Letter of Agreement (Submitted Online)
  • Supporting Documentation (Attached directly to your application)
    • CV
    • Biographical Statement (including the reason you would like to complete mission work)
    • Letter of reference from a supervisor in your perfusion department
    • Letter of acceptance from a charity to join an upcoming mission 

If you are having issues uploading your supporting documents, please email them directly to amsect@amsect.org.

Congrats to some of our past recipients: Nathan Minie, Johnson Anthony, and Angela DeLong!


“It is an honor to be a recipient of the AmSECT SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund Scholarship. It signifies the importance of spreading our knowledge and abilities to help give all patients a fighting chance. This scholarship will not only help me to attend my mission trip and provide life changing care but will also help me improve as a perfusionist. I would like to thank AmSECT, SpecialtyCare, and my colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital for helping me achieve my goals.” —Nathan Minie


“I am grateful once again to be the recipient of SpecialtyCare's Medical Mission Fund Scholarship. Embarking on this mission for the second time with VOOM Foundation will allow me to educate and train the local perfusionists while serving the indigent patients in Nigeria. I hope my contribution will mean the world to someone who would have never received treatment without my effort.” —Johnson Anthony


"Words can not express how grateful I am for receiving the Amsect SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Scholarship. This allows me even more opportunity to share my knowledge and skills with others. The ultimate goal is to provide free cardiac surgeries to adult and pediatrics patients while also training staff to create and maintain a sustainable heart program. I share my love, time and knowledge in the hope that they too will remain humble, continue to give and share their story." —Angela DeLong

Hear from SpecialtyCare’s CEO, Sam Weinstein, MD, MBA as he explores the new SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Endowment and how mission trips have impacted his life.