Perfusion Week

Perfusion Week 2024


AmSECT Perfusion Week is an annual awareness week that allows you to celebrate your work and contribution to perfusion with colleagues and team members. Share your plans and photos with us on Twitter/X (@amsectperfusion), Facebook (@AmSECT), LinkedIn (@AmSECT), and Instagram (@amsectperfusion), or email us at And be sure to use the hashtag #PerfusionWeek to be featured!

Perfusion Week aims to bring awareness to the perfusionist's crucial role within cardiovascular surgical teams and in providing high-quality patient care.


Ways to Celebrate


Get Noticed

Send a press release to your local media outlets (TV, radio, newspapers), or send a letter/email to your facility/institution’s administration. Ask them to attend a Perfusion Week event or acknowledge Perfusion Week in internal and external communications.

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Go Viral

Post about Perfusion Week on social media! Share personal stories, favorite moments, or why you got into perfusion. Photos and videos that show the value of perfusion inpatient care are a plus! Make sure to use #PerfusionWeek in all posts.


Plan an Event

From recipe swaps to trivia challenges and games, say thank you to your team and patients with a variety of activities.


Show Off Your Celebrations

Take pictures and videos to commemorate Perfusion Week, then send them to


Give Out Awards

Host an “awards ceremony” and print certificates of appreciation to present to your staff members or patients.


Past Highlights

International Collage

Individuals and teams from around the world submitted photos to create the collage below.

Perfusion  Week 2023 Highlights


Past Shared Photos

Chain of Hope Foundation - Jamaica Chain of Hope Foundation - Jamaica Chain of Hope Foundation - Jamaica SpecialtyCare, San Jose, CA
UCSF UCSF Al-Adan Hospital Al-Adan Hospital
Al-Adan Hospital Al-Adan Hospital Al-Adan Hospital Istanbul Yeditepe University Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic
Perfusionists in Turkey Perfusionists in Turkey UPMC