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Perfusion Week 2021

May 2 - 8

AmSECT Perfusion Week is your chance to celebrate your work in and contribution to perfusion with colleagues and team members. Share your plans and photos with us on Twitter (@amsectperfusion), Facebook (@AmSECT) and LinkedIn (@AmSECT), or email us at And be sure to use the hashtag #PerfusionWeek to be featured!

The purpose of Perfusion  Week is to bring awareness to the perfusionist's crucial role within cardiovascular surgical teams and in providing high quality patient care.

Ways to Celebrate

Get noticed: Send a press release to your local media outlets (TV, radio, newspapers), or send a letter/email to your facility/institution’s administration. Ask them to attend a Perfusion Week event or acknowledge Perfusion Week in internal and external communications.

Go viral: Post about Perfusion Week on social media! Share personal stories, favorite moments, or why you got into perfusion. Photos and videos that show the value of perfusion in patient care are a plus! Make sure to use #PerfusionWeek in all posts.

Show off your celebrations: Take pictures to commemorate Perfusion Week, then send them to

Host a virtual event: From recipe swaps to trivia challenges and games, say thank you to your team and patients with a variety of virtual activities. 

Give out awards: Host an “awards ceremony” and print certificates of appreciation to present to each of your staff members and/or patients. 

Perfusion Week Marketing Kit 

AmSECT has developed a marketing kit to help you get started. The Perfusion Week 2021 Marketing Kit includes:

  • Sample social media posts
  • Sample email
  • Graphics for social media, website and email
  • Press release template
  • Talking points

Download the Marketing Kit

2018 - 2020 Highlights

Perfusion Week 2018, 2019, and 2020 were a huge success!

International Collage
Individuals and teams from around the world submitted photos to create the collage below . 

Small Collage 2.png

Get inspiration for 2021 from your fellow perfusionists below: 

Trillium Health Partners Perfusion Pop-Up Video
Tweet and video Courtesy of Trillium Health Partners
Click here to view!

Hamilton Health Sciences Staff
Photo Courtesy of Hamilton Health Sciences Staff Twitter (@HHS_staff)


Cardiovascular Science Program (CVSP) at Midwestern University-Glendale 
Photos courtesy of McKay C. Coffey

glendale kids.jpg  Glendale team.jpg

glendale equopment.jpg   glendale general.jpg   glendale teaching.jpg

Palestine Medical Complex
Photo courtesy of Ahmed Ismail

Palestine MC

Perfusion Pup
Photo courtesy of Nhu Tran

perfusion pup.JPG

GETINGE (São Paulo, Brazil)

"GETINGE (São Paulo / Brazil) held last week another course on continuing education on "GERENCIAMENTO DE RISCO EM CEC" for professionals in the area involved with cardiopulmonary bypass.

The course was conducted by the Clinical Director Gislei Lorenzetti Romero (GETINGE), the Product Specialist Wanda Pelissari (GETINGE) and the Perfusionist Biomedical Cibele Sperone of the Heart & Perfusion Company (CORAÇÃO & PERFUSÃO)

The objective of the course was to raise the interest of professionals and institutions in the theme of quality and safety in the ECC; Train and train multiprofessional teams involved with extracorporeal circulation during cardiac surgery, focusing on especially in teamwork; Prepare the professionals on how to act in cases of accidents or intercurrences during the infusion, as well as avoid the most frequent problems, making ECC safer.

They were present in the course Perfusionists, Nurses and students of the Course of Perfusion of UNIFESP of the State of São Paulo."

Photos courtesy of Cibele Sperone

GETINGE surgery.jpg  GETINGE staff.jpg

GETINGE team.jpg  GETINGE heart.jpg

AmSECT Membership Eligibility

An Active Member shall be any perfusionist active in the practice of extracorporeal circulation technology. There are also opportunities to become a Transitional Active Member for those less than a year removed from graduation from an approved accredited training program. Other options include; an Associate Membership, International Membership, Perioperative Blood Management Clinician Membership, and Student Membership.

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Looking for Employment Opportunities?

AmSECT members may post an available position for a perfusion specialty at your institution or firm.

Non-members may also post positions free of charge, to be reviewed by National Headquarters prior to posting.

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