Pillar Award


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Previous Pillar Award Recipients

The application period for the 2022 Pillar Award is closed. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application in early March 2022. The application period for the 2023 Pillar Award will open in the fall.

The AmSECT Pillar Award is a designation for individual perfusion departments which demonstrate excellence as displayed in a number of key areas including organized orientation and training, QA/QI process, continuing education and performance evaluation, development of institutional protocols and adherence to AmSECT Standards and Guidelines, employee education and commitment to the field of perfusion.  A minimum score must be achieved on the application in order to achieve the designation, and the following requirements must be met.

Process for applying for the Pillar Award

  • Deadline: December 31, 2021
  • Fee: $1,500. Payment may be submitted online via credit card or by check.
  • Term: If your program is selected to receive this award, your award will be valid for 3 years. Instructions for reapplication will be sent to all programs in advance of the expiration of the award. The award reapplication fee is $500.
  • 70% of certified perfusion staff must be registered as Active members of a nonprofit international, national or state perfusion society at the time of application and/or reapplication
  • Applicant and Primary Applicant definitions: A single application is accepted for one or more programs that fall within a single hospital budget group, referred to here as the applicant. Programs that fall within separate hospital budget groups must submit separate applications. In the event that not all perfusion programs which are operating within the same hospital budget group elect to submit a single application, the designation, if awarded, will be presented only to those programs specifically represented by the application. The applicant must represent a program or programs which are located within the 52 U.S. states and territories represented by the four AmSECT zones. The “Primary Applicant” refers to the certified perfusionist representing the highest level of the reporting structure within the hospital budget group represented by the application.
  • The Pillar Award application process may also include a phone interview and/or site visit to be provided by the chief/lead and possibly one staff member, and/or supporting materials on request or by audit.

Application Process

  • Please read the entire application before beginning the application. You are encouraged to self-score your application before submitting payment.
  • Remove all patient identifiers in the application and/or if requested or by audit. The city, institution, staff names, or patient identifiers should be deleted or visually blacked out from all patient chart materials and hospital intellectual property. Evaluation results should be removed from all staff evaluation support documents. Applications will be returned if the attachments listed above are not appropriately de-identified and/or edited.
  • Application Confidentiality: The contents of this application and all supporting documentation will be kept confidential by AmSECT staff and volunteers. AmSECT may use de-identified information in quality improvement, presentations, published documents, and research.
  • The following support documentation is required at the time of application submission. Missing support documentation will delay processing of the application and may disqualify the application if not resolved. Notification of an incomplete application will be sent to the primary contact by preferred route of communication.
    • AmSECT Pillar Award Application, including
      • Primary and Cardiac Surgery Chair (or designee) contact information, verification and signatures
      • List of current perfusion staff, titles, credentials and professional volunteer membership and leadership positions.
      • List of MCS equipment by manufacturer/model and incorporated safety devices
      • Case type/protocol checklist
      • Equipment/safety device checklist
      • QA/QI statement
      • MCS orientation and training worksheet
      • Continuing education statement
      • Sample charting, checklist and handoff materials
      • Maintenance and Operative Room Manager contact information, verification and signatures
  • AmSECT Pillar Award Logo Usage: If selected for the AmSECT Pillar Award, programs are welcome to use the logo for internal and external purposes. We ask that all programs that plan to use the logo follow the guidelines below:
    • If you plan to use the logo in any articles or press releases, please notify AmSECT at amsect@amsect.org.
    • Only use the logo while your certification is active, and discontinue use of the logo if there is a lapse in certification.

Evaluation of the Pillar Award Application

  • Decision Process: AmSECT Headquarters will answer general questions prior to application submission, review application to ensure all content is de-identified, confirm receipt of materials and fee with applicant, and will serve as the go-between for the applicant and the AmSECT Pillar Award Review Committee. The Committee will verify scoring, answer specific applicant questions via AmSECT Headquarters or an appointed liaison, and will make the final decision on the application. The Committee will be comprised of AmSECT Volunteers from the AmSECT ICEBP, Safety, and Pediatric Committees, among other AmSECT Volunteers.
  • The decision handed down by the AmSECT pillar Award Review Committee is final. There is no appeals process. Fees will not be returned to programs that provided a complete application but were not selected for the award.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant, and in the case the application fee was also submitted, the application fee will also be refunded.