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Mission Statement

The purpose shall be to collect, preserve and disseminate historical information related to perfusion and extracorporeal circulation to foster education, scholarship, and research. Major areas of focus will include: (1) individuals and their contributions and (2) significant events in the development of the specialty. The format for preserving material primarily will be in electronic format and accessible via the AmSECT website. Before posting and public dissemination of such material, a minimum of two committee members will vet the information and obtain necessary permissions as required. Adding material to the AmSECT website will be authorized by the AmSECT Board of Directors. Sources for collecting information may consist of pioneer video interviews, profiles of perfusionists, bibliographies of scientific publications (e.g., newsletters, brochures, journals, or books), video or film presentations, photographs or drawings of equipment, devices, or historically important subjects, and other sources deemed relevant by the committee. This Mission Statement may be modified by a consensus of the History Committee as warranted by changes in personnel or circumstances.

Committee Members

Gary Grist, RN CCP Emeritus (Co-Chair)

Mark Kurusz, CCP Emeritus (Co-Chair)

Ed Darling, MS CCP

Robert C. Groom, MS CCP FPP

Kelly D. Hedlund, MS CCP

Al Stammer, MSA, CCP

For more information on this committee or to submit a question for the committee, please email AmSECT at amsect@amsect.org.