Conference Abstract Awards


Please see below for a listing of Conference Abstract Award Winners from past AmSECT Conferences. 

60th International Conference 

Fellowship Award - George Justison, BS, CCP for A Novel Perfusion Performance Scoring System to Improve Team Performance

Jeffrey B Riley Research Award - Benjamin Magowan for Adult Clinical Perfusion Practice Survey: 2021 Results

Scientific Poster Award - Melissa Sindelar, CCP for Nitric Oxide and ECLS: Circuit Modifications for a Safe Therapy

59th International Conference - A Virtual Experience

Fellowship Award - Tiffany Robb, MS, CCP, LP, CPBMS for A Novel Method to Safely De-air a HeartWare System in a Single-Ventricle Patient by Utilizing ECMO and a Modified CPB Circuit

Ed Ristaino Memorial Scholarship Award - Isabel Centner, MS for The Fundamental Skills of Pediatric of Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Scientific Poster Award - Jillian Klein, RDCS, RVT for The effect of reservoir levels and administration of drugs on gaseous micro-emboli production in the cardiopulmonary bypass

58th International Conference

Fellowship Award - Nousjka Vranken, BASc, PhD for Point-of-care measurement of kaolin activated clotting time during cardiopulmonary bypass: comparison between ACT Plus and i-STAT

Scientific Presentation by a Student Award - Brianna Wiscount for Is Obesity a Risk Factor for Acute Kidney Injury with Goal-Directed Perfusion? A Retrospective Review

Ed Ristaino Memorial Scholarship Award - Justin Hong for Cardiopulmonary Bypass Techniques for RV Dependent Coronary Circulation: A Case Report

Student Travel Scholarship - John Kernan for Surgical Aortic Arch, Ventricular Septal Defect, and Atrial Septal Defect Repair on a Pygopagus Conjoined Twin Using Simultaneous Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation - Case Report

Student Travel Scholarship Runner-Up - Alyssa Urso for Evaluation of Postoperative Ventricular Function in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery with del Nido Cardioplegia

Scientific Poster Award - Jeffrey B. Riley for Survey for Current Hemoconcentrator Use During Cardiopulmonary Bypass

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