Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Duties

The Nominating Committee consists of three members, with the senior member of the committee serving as chairman. The term of office is three years, starting at the termination of the annual meeting at which elected and ending at the termination of the third subsequent annual meeting. One new member and any vacant positions shall be elected annually by the membership. Nominating Committee members shall assist AmSECT by reviewing each individual’s willingness to serve application to determine eligibility. A summarized document will be presented to AmSECT which verifies the completeness of each submitted application.

The Nominating Committee members shall assist the Ethics Committee in supervising and monitoring the elections. The Nominating Committee members shall assist AmSECT’s President and Board of Directors with any additional responsibilities as required by AmSECT.

Nominating Committee members shall meet prior to annual elections to discuss goals and recommendations for the committee. This may be accomplished at the national meeting, by email communication, or by teleconference. The chairman of the committee shall be responsible for organizing this meeting and contacting each committee member.

All Nominating Committee members shall identify and recommend individuals to volunteer for the open leadership positions within AmSECT. These individuals would serve to maintain and promote the mission and goals of AmSECT in their individual leadership positions. Methods to recruit and identify individuals may be completed through perfusion postings online, email and/or personal letter communication. Identification and recommendation of individuals for volunteer leadership constitutes a year-round effort.

Willingness to Serve form for any amendments or changes prior to the first publication and submit suggestions to AmSECT.


Committee Members

Jordan Voss, BS, MPS, CCP, FPP (Chair)

Trevor Church, CCP LP

Caleb Varner, MBA CCP FPP



For more information on this committee or to submit a question for the committee, please email AmSECT at