AmSECT Conference Awards

AmSECT Conference Awards

Previous Award Winners

JECT Award Recipients

Research Award
Kirk Bingham
Ashley Walczak
Robert Baker and Richard Newland

J. Crockett English
Frank Cieslak
Ron Slaugh
Mark Kurusz
Rick A. Kuntz
George A. Beshere
Gary D. Reeder
LeRoy H. Ferries
Philip A. Wagoner
Alfred H. Stammers
Annica Dahlin
Edward M. Darling
David M. Schill
Beverly G. Parault
Bruce Morin
Joseph J. Sistino
Timothy A. Dickinson
Craig Vocelka
Dominic D. Cappelletti
Donald S. Wilson
Michelle L. Pierce
Dr. Douglas Larson
See N. Vang
D. Bradford Sanders
Keri Humphries
Chen Gao
D. Scott Lawson
Cody Trowbridge
Min-Ho Lee
Larry Garrison
Jeffrey Riley 
Michael Colligan

Case Report
Charles McDonald
Cory Alwardt
Greg Matte
Dale L. Ruby
Dale L. Ruby
Alois Philipp
Nicklett Johnston
Jeff T. Edwards
M. Charlene Fabrizio
Alicia Sievert
Joseph J. Deptula
Jeffrey Burnside
Tiffany Robb
Ashley Moore

Review Article
Dr. Donald Likosky 
Philip D. Beckley
Gerard Myers
Jennifer Schaadt
David A. Moehle
John W. Hoffman, Jr.
Nousjka Vranken
Molly Elisabeth Oldeen
Tristan Day Margetson

Richard F. Newland
Joshua M. Blessing
Angeleah Ramirez
Zahir Young
Douglas Frank
Gerard Myers
John W. Austin
David Palmer
Travis Siffring
Barbara Braley Hendrix
Carlisle OMeara

Conference Abstract Awards

Please see below for a listing of Conference Abstract Award Winners from past AmSECT Conferences. 

61st International Conference 

Fellowship Award - Bruce Searles, PhD CCP LP CES-A for A Graduate Level Immersive-Simulation Program for Teaching and Assessing Fundamental Skills in Entry Level Clinical Perfusionists

Jeffrey B Riley Research Award - Daniel Nguyen for An In-Vitro Study Comparing Gaseous Microemboli Handling of Adult PMP Membrane Oxygenators/em>

Scientific Poster Award - Allison Eby for Rapid Microfluidic Paper Assay for Detecting and Quantifying Antithrombin III

Student Oral Award - Hongting Diao for Cardioplegia Provides Myocardial Protection via Nrf2 Activation or Energy Metabolism Preservation

60th International Conference 

Fellowship Award - George Justison, BS, CCP for A Novel Perfusion Performance Scoring System to Improve Team Performance

Jeffrey B Riley Research Award - Benjamin Magowan for Adult Clinical Perfusion Practice Survey: 2021 Results

Scientific Poster Award - Melissa Sindelar, CCP for Nitric Oxide and ECLS: Circuit Modifications for a Safe Therapy

59th International Conference - A Virtual Experience

Fellowship Award - Tiffany Robb, MS, CCP, LP, CPBMS for A Novel Method to Safely De-air a HeartWare System in a Single-Ventricle Patient by Utilizing ECMO and a Modified CPB Circuit

Ed Ristaino Memorial Scholarship Award - Isabel Centner, MS for The Fundamental Skills of Pediatric of Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Scientific Poster Award - Jillian Klein, RDCS, RVT for The effect of reservoir levels and administration of drugs on gaseous micro-emboli production in the cardiopulmonary bypass

58th International Conference

Fellowship Award - Nousjka Vranken, BASc, PhD for Point-of-care measurement of kaolin activated clotting time during cardiopulmonary bypass: comparison between ACT Plus and i-STAT

Scientific Presentation by a Student Award - Brianna Wiscount for Is Obesity a Risk Factor for Acute Kidney Injury with Goal-Directed Perfusion? A Retrospective Review

Ed Ristaino Memorial Scholarship Award - Justin Hong for Cardiopulmonary Bypass Techniques for RV Dependent Coronary Circulation: A Case Report

Student Travel Scholarship - John Kernan for Surgical Aortic Arch, Ventricular Septal Defect, and Atrial Septal Defect Repair on a Pygopagus Conjoined Twin Using Simultaneous Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation - Case Report

Student Travel Scholarship Runner-Up - Alyssa Urso for Evaluation of Postoperative Ventricular Function in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery with del Nido Cardioplegia

Scientific Poster Award - Jeffrey B. Riley for Survey for Current Hemoconcentrator Use During Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Pioneer in Perfusion

1991 – Edward C. Berger 
1992 – James P. Dearing
1993 – LeRoy H. Ferries
1994 – Jeanne Lange
1995 – Bennett Mitchell
1996 – Jerry Richmond
1997 – Calvin R. Scott
1998 – Kathryn Hargesheimer
1999 – Sue Boettcher
2000 – Jeffrey B. Riley
2001 – Maddie Massengale
2002 – Alfred H. Stammers
2003 – Roger Vertrees
2004 – Ron Richards
2005 – William Horgan


At the 60th International Conference, the Legend's Lunch was hosted to honor the late Jeff Riley, who was a recipient of the JECT Research Award and a President's Award.