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2023 Student Heart Walk

The AmSECT Student Council second annual Heart Walk was a huge success! A very special thank you to all who participated and donated to our fundraiser!


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March Student Spotlight: Holly Lacy, Emory University



Holly Lacy

Get to Know Holly

Holly: I earned a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy from the University of Cincinnati in 2019. While working as a respiratory therapist, I gained experience in the cardiovascular intensive care unit, which led me to start my journey to becoming a perfusionist. Outside of my healthcare career, I enjoy world travel and immersing myself in different cultures. I live on a small farm in Georgia, where we raise highland cattle.

AmSECT: Why did you choose to pursue a career in perfusion?

Holly: My decade-long career as a respiratory therapist exposed me to the field of perfusion, which made it feel like a natural progression. I have always enjoyed working with different machines, so bypass and fluid dynamics intrigued me. I shadowed many different procedures to understand the role of the perfusionist in open heart surgery, which led me to purchase the Manual of Clinical Perfusion and apply to perfusion school.

AmSECT: What is a perfusion-related topic that you think is indispensable to know for your perfusion career and why?

Holly: One topic that is indispensable to the perfusion profession is the importance of evidence-based practice to improve current protocols and guidelines further. Through continued research, evidence-based medicine, and clinical registries, we can strive for continued advancements in the field of perfusion to optimize patient outcomes. As a perfusion student, it starts with understanding current perfusion practices. By understanding current practices within an institution, we can outline areas that need improvement and encourage research-driven protocols. An area of interest in which evidence-based practice could be applied to improve current practice is the use of serum and urine levels of MMP-2 and MMP-9 compared to creatinine levels for early indication of poor renal perfusion for patients undergoing bypass procedures.

AmSECT: In reference to the question above, what question do you have about that topic that you’d like others' to input on?

Holly:What are other areas of interest within the perfusion profession where evidence or further research is needed to improve a perfusion practice?


AmSECTomorrow Fall 2023 Student Newsletter

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Student Contests and Scholarships

AmSECT provides several student contests and scholarships each year, including:

AmSECT Mary Hartley Student Scholarship
The AmSECT Mary Hartley Scholarship Fund is a scholarship that will provide one second-year student enrolled in a perfusion training program with a $5,000 scholarship each year. This scholarship fund is made possible by a generous donation from Mary Hartley.

We take great pride in showcasing and extending heartfelt congratulations to the distinguished recipients of the 2023 Mary Hartley Scholarship: Jennifer Stubblebine and McKenzie Ayala.

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AmSECT Safety Committee Student Essay Contest
In 2021, the Safety Committee created the student essay contest which awards $1,000 in prize money to the top two writers of a safety essay about patient safety and their passion for patient safety and perfusion. 

Previous Winners
2022 - Jennifer Gavin-Veyna (University of Nebraska Medical Center) and Zach Gorman (University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine)
2021 -  Jeremy Bolick (Medical University of South Carolina) and Sophia Kero (University of Nebraska Medical Center)

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