Awards, Designations & Scholarships


AmSECT Pillar Award

The AmSECT Pillar Award is a designation for individual perfusion departments which demonstrate excellence as displayed in a number of key areas including organized orientation and training, QA/QI process, continuing education and performance evaluation, development of institutional protocols and adherence to AmSECT Standards and Guidelines, employee education and commitment to the field of perfusion.

National Awards

The John H. Gibbon Jr. Award

The John H. Gibbon Jr. Award honors an individual who has made significant contribution(s) to the field of extracorporeal circulation.

AmSECT Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is presented to a perfusionist who has demonstrated excellent work which exemplifies creativity and intellectual originality in extracorporeal technology. This award is presented for excellence in any area such as education, continuing education, research, publication or leadership.

AmSECT Perfusionist of the Year

The AmSECT Perfusionist of the Year Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the field of extracorporeal technology during the current year. This award is presented based on a variety of reasons, including excellence in the field of perfusion through noteworthy extracurricular or volunteering activities.

AmSECT Fellow of Pediatric Perfusion

The AmSECT Fellow of Pediatric Perfusion addresses the knowledge base and clinical skills necessary for today’s pediatric and congenital cardiovascular perfusionist. This program intends to develop engaged professionals who add value to the healthcare delivery team through clinical ability, knowledge, leadership, and investigative means.

Mary Hartley Student Scholarship

The AmSECT Mary Hartley Scholarship Fund is a scholarship that provides one second-year student enrolled in a perfusion training program with a $5,000 scholarship each year, made possible by a generous donation from Mary Hartley.

Perfusion Without Borders Student Scholarship

In conjunction with the AmSECT Foundation, Perfusion Without Borders offers one annual scholarship for mission work (up to $3,000) to a perfusion student. The scholarship covers travel and hotel expenses for a mission of their choice.

SpecialtyCare Mission Fund

AmSECT and the AmSECT Foundation partnered with SpecialtyCare to provide an endowment supporting perfusionists wishing to travel abroad for medical missions. AmSECT administers the $25,000 endowment donation from SpecialtyCare; the recipient uses that towards the remuneration for airfare and lodging. Unlike other mission funds and scholarships often awarded to students, the SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund is for practicing perfusionists who desire the opportunity to share their skills abroad with those who need them.

AmSECT Conference Awards

The AmSECT Conference Awards are comprised of various awards that are presented annually at the International Conference. These awards recognize the work of individuals in respect to oral presentations, scientific posters, research, and JECT publications. .