Pediatric Fellow Requirements

The deadline for 2016 REQUESTS FOR APPLICATIONS is March 1, 2017. Completed applications are accepted only between January 1 and April 1, 2017. All requirements must be met and the completed documents (new or continuing) must be on file in AmSECT National Headquarters by April 1, 2017. Perfusionists complying with this deadline will be considered for entry into Fellowship during AmSECT’s Pediatric Perfusion Meeting in September of 2017. Applicants will be notified by July 1, 2017, of the status of their application.

Applicants for Pediatric Fellowship in the American Society of ExtraCorporeal Technology
are required to have the following qualifications

  1. Graduation from an accredited perfusion or circulation technology program acceptable to the American Society of ExtraCorporeal Technology. (CCPs trained on the job must meet all requirements below).
  2. Certification by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion, Canadian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion, European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion, the Society of Clinical Perfusion Scientists of Great Britain and Ireland, or the Australian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.
  3. A full and unrestricted license to practice perfusion in their respective state or province (if applicable).
  4. Two years of uninterrupted service in one location after completion of formal training. Additional practice time (usually one year) may be required if the practice situation changes. Exceptions may be granted by the review committee.
  5. A current member of AmSECT and the ABCP with no reportable actions pending.
  6. A current practice that establishes the applicant as a specialist in pediatric cardiovascular perfusion.
  7. Minimum accumulated pediatric cases as follows:
    1. 200 cardiopulmonary bypass cases for correction or palliation of congenital heart disease
    2. At least 40% (80) of which should be on infants ≤ 10 kg
    3. Maximum of 20% (40) may be as documented backup perfusionist
  8. Interest in pursuing professional excellence in pediatric perfusion, both as an individual pediatric perfusionist and as a member of the pediatric perfusion community. Such interest may be evidenced by membership in local and national perfusion societies and organizations; participation in teaching programs and/or local, regional or national programs; continuing education through attendance at professional meetings, courses, and seminars with an emphasis on pediatric perfusion topics.
  9. Ethical fitness as well as professional proficiency as determined by the Fellowship Review Committee. This determination is based upon information from supplied references, colleagues, and surgeons.
  10. Willingness to actively participate in maintaining, directing or supporting the advancement of pediatric perfusion.

Process of Applying for Fellow Designation

All properly submitted and accepted applications for Fellowship are developed and evaluated on a one-year cycle. This year’s deadline for receiving completed applications is April 1, 2017.

  1. Perfusionists who fulfill all of the requirements may submit the Request for Pediatric Fellowship Application. In response to such a request, the Fellowship Application will be mailed to the applicant.
  2. Pediatric Fellows of AmSECT, as well as any member of the perfusion profession, may request that a Fellowship Application is sent to any perfusionist who, in their opinion, would qualify for Fellow designation.
  3. The perfusionist who wishes to apply for Fellow of Pediatric Perfusion must complete and return the application to AmSECT for review and evaluation.
  4. A completed formal application is required from each applicant. In addition to providing information regarding their perfusion training and practice, applicants are requested to:
    1. Sign a statement agreeing to abide by the bylaws, rules, and regulations of AmSECT and sign the Fellow Pledge.
    2. Furnish references from a current perfusion colleague or Chief Perfusionist, pediatric cardiac surgeon and cardiac anesthesiologist. Letters of reference should be on institutional letterhead, contain an original signature and be mailed to AmSECT - Fellow of Pediatric Perfusion, 330 N Wabash Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60611 directly from the reference, as opposed to being submitted by the applicant.
  5. The applicant will ask each individual named as a reference to furnish to the Pediatric Fellow Review Committee a statement about the applicant’s qualifications as a pediatric perfusionist as well as the applicant’s professional and ethical standing in the Community. The committee may also consult others if deemed necessary.
  6. Applicants are expected to compile and submit a list of cardiopulmonary bypass cases documenting two hundred procedures for congenital heart disease, 40% of which shall be in patients less than or equal to 10 kilograms and no more than twenty percent as the documented backup perfusionist. The appropriate form and instructions will be provided. The list is intended to serve as an index to the volume, variety, and character of an applicant’s experience.
  7. Applicants may be requested to present detailed case reports and related information as additional evidence of their professional proficiency.

Evaluation of Application for Fellow

The evaluation of an applicant for Fellow is based on comprehensive information relating to the applicant’s perfusion-related judgment and experience, professional competence, ethical conduct, professional standing in the local community, and attitude toward the basic tenets of AmSECT. Such information is obtained from the Pediatric Fellow Review Committee, references named by the applicants and others.

The Pediatric Fellow Review Committee shall consist of two members of the Board of Directors, two AmSECT members at large, the current Pediatric Committee Chair, and the Selection Committee Chair.

  1. AmSECT National Headquarters shall review each application for completeness and shall prepare a summary of the biographical information and other pertinent information for review by the Fellow Review Committee. If the applicant does not meet the minimum qualifications, further processing of the application will be deferred until the applicant has met all of the requirements.
  2. The Fellow Review Committee appraises information and recommendations from all sources relating to applications and may, at its discretion, defer action on any application.
  3. After review and evaluation of all information, the Fellow Review Committee makes one of three decisions:
    1. Approval – In order to attain the designation of Fellow of Pediatric Perfusion, each applicant must receive approval of 3/5 of the Fellow Review Committee.
    2. Postponed (for at least one year) – A postponement is not considered as an adverse action. It is designed to give the applicant an opportunity to acquire further knowledge or additional experience or to develop professionally. It also provides the Society with an additional period of observation, investigation and further evaluation of the applicant’s eligibility for Fellow.
    3. Not Approved – Not approved is an adverse action.
      1. Following a “Not Approved” action, the applicant may submit a new application after a waiting period of three years.
      2. Applicants who receive an adverse action on their application may request an appeal. Appeals are heard under the direction of the Executive Board.
      3. The executive Board may change an adverse action at its discretion.
  4. No Action – no action is taken when an application is determined to be incomplete. The application is then deferred for consideration to the following year.
  5. Successful applicants are admitted into Fellowship at the annual Pediatric Perfusion Conference.
  6. Applicants are notified by letter of their acceptance for Fellowship and are admitted to Fellowship by the select committee at the convocation ceremony held during the AmSECT Pediatric Perfusion Conference.

Fellowship Pledge

Recognizing that the American Society of ExtraCorporeal Technology seeks to exemplify and develop the highest traditions of our profession, I hereby pledge myself, as a condition of Fellowship within the Society, to live in strict accordance with its principles and regulations.

I pledge to pursue the practice of pediatric perfusion with honesty and integrity and to place the rights of my patient above all else. I promise to deal with each patient, as I would wish to be dealt with if I were in the patient’s position. I also promise to further my knowledge through research and education and to share my knowledge and experience with others in an effort to advance the practice of pediatric perfusion.

Upon my honor, I declare that I will advance my knowledge and skills, will respect my colleagues, and I will seek their counsel when in doubt about my own abilities. In turn, I will willingly help my colleagues when requested.

Finally, I solemnly pledge myself to cooperate in advancing and extending the art and science of pediatric perfusion by my Fellowship in the American Society of ExtraCorporeal Technology.

AmSECT Membership Eligibility

An Active Member shall be any perfusionist active in the practice of extracorporeal circulation technology. There are also opportunities to become a Transitional Active Member for those less than a year removed from graduation from an approved accredited training program. Other options include; an Associate Membership, International Membership, Perioperative Blood Management Clinician Membership, and Student Membership.

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