Volunteer with AmSECT

Volunteering with AmSECT allows you to further your own professional development while advancing the society and field of perfusion. Make a difference in your community by joining our group of passionate volunteers through committee work, running for a zone director position, and more!

Volunteer Opportunities

AmSECT has an open call for volunteers each summer, in which interested, qualified individuals can submit the Willingness to Serve form. Additionally, eligible members vote on Board of Director positions in the Fall/Winter. Submit a Willingness to Serve form here

Current AmSECT Volunteers

Take a look at today’s volunteers:


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Volunteering for AmSECT seemed like the natural progression of my career. I was fortunate enough to have individuals in my path that encouraged me to be more than just a perfusionist, to be a professional perfusionist. I encourage all of you to do the same. Perfusion has the possibility to be so much more than a job, and all you have to do is step up and grab the opportunity.

James A. Reagor, MPS, CCP, FPP