ICEBP Committees

ICEBP Committees

ICEBP Committee Members

Amanda Crosby, MPS MS CCP (Chair)

Keith Bryant, RN MHS BSN CCP
Mellissa Duarte, CCP David Fitzgerald, DHA MPH CCP
Shahna Helmick, CCP Donald Likosky, PhD Mark Martin, CCP

Nicholas Mellas, BS CCP

Sean Murtha, CCP Courtney Petersen, MPS Luc Puis, RN ECCP Tiffany Robb, MS

Kenneth Shann, CCP



Executive Committee
Description: Oversees the day-to-day functions of the ICEBP

Registry Committee
Description: The mission of the registry subcommittee is to support the development and use of perfusion registries to evaluate clinical practices.
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Guidelines Committee
Description: The mission of the guideline writing subcommittee is to develop and publish evidence based guidelines, and support their integration into clinical practice.
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Pediatrics Committee
Description: The mission of the pediatric subcommittee is to develop, foster, and promote process improvement in the delivery of perfusion services for neonatal, infant and pediatric patients.
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Scientific Sessions Committee
Description: The mission of the scientific sessions subcommittee is to develop and organize an annual scientific meeting focused on meeting the goals of the ICEBP mission statement. The scientific meeting will cover topics related to all other subcommittees. In addition, the subcommittee will be charged with examining areas into which the meeting can grow to allow demonstration of sustained improvement in the care provided to patients.
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