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The American Society of ExtraCorporeal Technology (AmSECT) has created the following documents based on clinical evidence and currently accepted perfusion practices. Perfusionists are the only allied healthcare professionals formally trained and educated in the field of extracorporeal science and whose scope of practice expressly includes the utilization of extracorporeal devices. The documents are intended to serve as a useful guide for teams developing institution-specific protocols to improve the reliability, safety, and effectiveness of extracorporeal support services.

AmSECT Standards and Guidelines

Click on the links below to access each Standards and Guidelines document.

AmSECT Standards and Guidelines For Perfusion Practice (2017)*

AmSECT Standards and Guidelines For Mechanical Circulatory Support (2017)

AmSECT Standards and Guidelines for Pediatric and Congenital Perfusion Practice (2019)

*Endorsed by the American Association for Thoracic Surgery

Jointly Authored Standards and Guidelines

Click on the links below to access each jointly authored Clinical Practice Guidelines document. These documents were co-authored with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) and The Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists (SCA).

STS/SCA/AmSECT: Clinical Practice Guidelines-- Anticoagulation During Cardiopulmonary Bypass (2018)

STS/SCA/AmSECT: Cardiopulmonary Bypass-- Temperature Managment during Cardiopulmonary Bypass (2015)

STS/SCA/AmSECT: Clinical Practice Guidelines-- Inflammatory Response to Adult Cardiopulmonary Bypass (2014)

STS/SCA/AmSECT-- Blood Conservation (2011)

To facilitate the understanding of the Standards and Guidelines, we defined the important terms used throughout the document.


Standard: Practices, technology and/or conduct of care that institutions shall meet in order to fulfill the minimum requirements for cardiopulmonary bypass.

Guideline: A recommendation that should be considered and may assist in the development and implementation of protocols.

Protocol: An institution-specific written document, derived from professional standards and guidelines, which contains decision and treatment algorithms.

Word Usage:

Shall: In this document, the word shall is used to indicate a mandatory requirement.

Should: In this document, the word should is used to indicate a recommendation.

Surgical Care Team: In this document, the term surgical care team is used to indicate the group surgeon, anesthesiologist, Perfusionist, nurse, and technicians.

Important Note on Scope:
AmSECT recognizes that individual medical centers may have local policies that may supersede AmSECT’s Standards and Guidelines. Likewise, AmSECT recognizes that some districts or states may have laws that supersede AmSECT’s Standards and Guidelines. As a result, Perfusionists practicing within those jurisdictions should comply in all respects with those policies and laws. These Standards and Guidelines may also be superseded by the judgment of the healthcare professional taking into account the facts and circumstances of the individual case.

AmSECT Membership Eligibility

An Active Member shall be any perfusionist active in the practice of extracorporeal circulation technology. There are also opportunities to become a Transitional Active Member for those less than a year removed from graduation from an approved accredited training program. Other options include; an Associate Membership, International Membership, Perioperative Blood Management Clinician Membership, and Student Membership.

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