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AmSECT 2022 Elections – Meet Your AmSECT Board of Directors Candidates!

For the full list of AmSECT Board of Directors candidates and elected committee candidates, please click here. Board of Directors candidates who did not submit their introductory paragraph have not been included on this page. 

Candidates for President Elect

  • Kevin McCusker, Ph.D. MSc. CCP LP

  • Keith J. Pelletier, PhD MBA MHS CCP LP

My name is Keith Pelletier, PhD MBA MHS CCP LP; and for the past few years, I have served on the AmSECT Achievement & Recognition Committee. I have my PhD and MBA both in Healthcare Administration. I received my Masters of health science in Cardiovascular Perfusion from Quinnipiac University in 2011, and I received a Bachelor’s of science in Physiology and Neurobiology from the University of Connecticut in 2004. I am a senior healthcare administration leader with deep operational, management, and clinical expertise in a multi-campus tier 1 hospital system. I was the Administrative Lead Cardiovascular Perfusionist at Yale New Haven Hospital for about 10 years. Currently, I am working at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT. I am a member of ACHE, volunteer at American Heart Association for strategic planning on prevention of heart disease, and various other volunteering efforts. I am dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge with my peers, with a desire of increasing patient care throughout the community. It is my strong desire to be able to use my vast educational knowledge, complimented by hands-on clinical and program management expertise to serve the community in a way where I can offer patients a higher level of quality treatment. I have authored some chapters in medical textbooks and articles for medical journals. I have been involved in many projects with my organizations that were involved in efforts to standardize, digitize, and automate key operational and administrative practices to save time, enhance patient communication, and improve regulatory compliance. I wish to continue serving with AmSECT, the cardiovascular community, and patients by taking on this new responsibility of the President Elect of AmSECT. Thank you for your commitment to the Perfusion field and for your support to AmSECT as we continue to support cardiovascular services.

  • William Scott Snider, CCP LP 

It would be an understatement for me to say that AmSECT has shaped my professional career.  It’s been an honor to serve for the last eight years as a board director, executive officer and treasurer of our society and I’m truly grateful to every mentor and peer who has supported my progress and encouraged me to challenge myself.  Understanding our finances has been a process made so much more comprehensive by understanding our history.  I know that I’m not alone when I say that we are all so blessed to be part of this demanding and rewarding field. We’re also very fortunate to be supported by a national professional society that’s been sustained over the course of the last five decades by some of the most inspirational and motivated leaders in our field.  Over the years, I’ve come to understand that none of this should be taken for granted.  Within AmSECT, we often challenge ourselves to reassess how we can best provide not only for our members but also for our workforce and our society as a whole.  What we don’t often think about is what our profession would look like without AmSECT.  I’d suggest that, without the last 57 years of AmSECT support, our role within cardiac surgery might be greatly diminished.  The landscape of healthcare is constantly evolving, never more so than in the last two decades.  Our professional role is never guaranteed and, as such, it’s never been more important for us as professionals to support and engage our representation.  With 25 years in the field, 10 years in AmSECT leadership and an education in healthcare administration, I wish to apply all I’ve learned towards the role of AmSECT President-Elect.  It would be a great privilege to continue in this role and I sincerely appreciate your consideration.                

  • Joseph Zimak, CCP-LP 


Candidates for Secretary 

  • Isaac Chinnappan, MS CCP LCP FPP CPBMT CPBMS CES-A

I am Isaac Chinnappan, CCP practicing as a Clinical Perfusionist for 23 years. I am currently employed at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Baltimore as the Chief Pediatric Perfusionist. I am running for AmSECT’s Secretary position in the forthcoming election, and I am writing to request for your kind consideration and to support my candidature. It is my desire and pleasure to serve as the secretary for AmSECT and provide whatever support, guidance, and expertise I can lend if I am elected. At the very onset, I would like to extend my best wishes to all my perfusion friends those who are running for various leadership positions of AmSECT. Currently, I volunteer my time with AmSECT as an elected member of the Board of Directors, Board Advocate to the AMSECT University and Board Liaison to ICEBP. I am also serving in the AmSECT’s Pediatric and Congenital Perfusion Committee (PCPC). As one of the elected members of current Board of Directors of AmSECT, I understood and learnt about the accountability and functions of executive positions of AmSECT. I would like to support the AmSECT Executive Committee and BOD with the drive and ambition to support current needs. My current experience would help and give me a huge opportunity to make a lasting difference during the designated term if I am elected. In addition, I am also passionately dedicated to our professional society. My hope is to give back to a profession that has blessed me many times over. I would encourage you to take the time to get to know each candidate, and vote for whom you deem the best for this position. You can have an impact on our profession and our society. 

  • Gregory A Mork, BA LP CCP FPP

I am a graduate of the Mt. Sinai School of Clinical Perfusion and hold a BA in Allied Health Management and Education from National Louis University.  I have been an ABCP Certified Perfusionist for over 42 years and to this day maintain full time clinical responsibilities as an adult and pediatric perfusionist and have held leadership roles since 1987 as a perfusionist.  Currently I am the Director of Clinical Perfusion on the clinical side at Rush University Medical Center and the Director of Clinical Competency Assessment on the academic side for the Rush School of Clinical Perfusion.  I have served as a volunteer on local, state, and national levels within several perfusion professional organizations to include 12 years as an ABCP Director (2 years as vice president and 2 years and president), over 10 years as an AmSECT Regional Director, and I currently serve as one of the Zone 2 Directors.  During my 42+ years as a perfusionist I have been actively involved in perfusion professional societies for most of that time.  I feel lucky and honored to be part of a great profession in which I have made so many lifelong friends.  My passions are my role as a clinically active perfusionist, to teach mentor new perfusionists entering the profession, and to be part of the profession in any way I can.   Many perfusionists have dedicated themselves to make perfusion the profession it is and I am grateful for their lifelong dedication.   I consider myself lucky to have worked with some of them regardless of the organization and I can only hope I have learned from them.  I am running for the office of AmSECT secretary.  I would love the opportunity to give back what I have received from the society.


Candidates for Treasurer

  • Renee Axdorff-Dickey, BSCCP MBA FPP

My name is Renee Dickey, and I am running for the position of Treasurer for AmSECT. In the past 4 years I have served as an AmSECT Zone 1 director, worked as chair of the AmSECT Foundation, served as Vice President of the Washington State Perfusion Society and volunteered as a committee member of the ICPC (1 year). Volunteering to be the Committee Chair of the AmSECT Foundation allowed me to see how our work helps our members. In the past 3 years the Foundation has reached some major milestones with new scholarships available for practicing and student perfusionists. I would be happy to continue the excellent work that Scott Snider has done as treasurer. I like accounting, I enjoy being part of the AmSECT team and I have learned a lot as we helped steer AmSECT to a better financial position to ensure our continued success. With your support I will make sure that we can continue to fulfill our mission in the years ahead.

  • Ed Harman, MS CCP FPP MBA

  • Berkeley Stevens, CCP MBA

Candidates for Zone 2 Director

  • Klayton W. Buckley, RN CCP LP FPP
  • Pietroluca Libreri, MPS CCP LP

My name is Pietro Libreri and I am running for the Zone 2 Director position. I graduated from Rush University with my Master’s in Perfusion Technology and have been a Perfusionist for almost 8 years. After graduating I wanted to challenge myself and was presented the opportunity to work at the University of Maryland Medical Center where I was exposed to many difficult and different types of perfusion related procedures. The experience that I received from the University of Maryland Medical Center was priceless. After a couple of years at the University of Maryland Medical Center I decided to come back home to Chicago and given the opportunity to work at the University of Illinois at Chicago, in which I am still currently working and growing as a Perfusionist every day. My experience coupled with my enthusiasm and dedication make me a great candidate for the Zone 2 Director position. I am running for this position because this is my way of serving my Perfusion community. I believe in the importance of ensuring that every member receives quality information to improve patient care and safety in the Perfusion Community. 


Candidates for Zone 3

  • Jennifer Bezaire, BScN CCP MSc(S)

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought unprecedented change and challenges upon our profession and our respective communities. Each of us has stepped up to meet the needs of our patients, families, and our colleagues. Our support for each other is our great strength: caring about each other, collaborating, and communicating openly about our respective triumphs and travails has helped all of us to adapt, grow, problem-solve, and build more resilience throughout the past 2 years. I am proud to be a member of AmSECT, working together to improve patient safety and quality of care delivered by perfusionists while building relationships, staying connected, supporting, influencing, and encouraging each other personally and professionally. As such, I am writing to announce that I would be honored to continue serving our professional community in a leadership capacity as Zone 3 Co-Director. I am committed to advancing quality, safety, research, education, outreach, and giving back through service to my professional associations. I sincerely appreciate the relationships forged through my AmSECT endeavors. After participating in AmSECT’s most recent Leadership Symposium in 2021, I am looking forward to future leadership opportunities through AmSECT. Facilitating a culture of problem-solving whereby our members are seen, heard, and actively recognized for their contributions to the ongoing development of our organization is important to me. I value leadership by substance. Should you choose me to represent you, I will bring Zone 3’s unique viewpoint to AmSECT’s Board of Directors through actionable suggestions with achievable timelines. I appreciate your consideration. Stay safe, and keep up your strength for your inspiring work!   

  • Nicole M. Michaud, MS CCP CPBMT LCP

My name is Nicole Michaud and I am Chief of Pediatric Perfusion at Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Being a perfusionist has been and will continue to be a great passion of mine.  It is something I do because I find joy in our role as a member of the cardiac team and seeing a team work together for a common purpose. I have experience in many realms of perfusion: adult, pediatric, education, leadership, simulation, and research.  I believe in my career, I have paid attention to and listened to what past, present, and future perfusionists feel is important to have in a professional society.  I would like to help evolve AmSECT by sharing and supporting the wishes of the clinical perfusionists in Zone 3 on the AmSECT Board of Directors.  My focus would be in the participation in the development of policies and standards for our profession with the knowledge of the needs of both our present and future members. I would like to help evolve the quality of the society with the vision of supporting our members completely.  Participating on the Board is a way that I would like to give back to our profession.  It provides me with the platform to model what I have advised students to do in the past.  I feel very privileged to been given all the different opportunities I have had in my career, and I believe participating in our National Society is a way that I can show my gratitude for all that I have been given in my career. I think I will be able to bring a balanced approach to the board with focus on family and career for the future. I would be very humbled and honored to become a Zone 3 Director.

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