JECT Editorial Board


Raymond Wong, PhD CCP
Tucson, AZ

Associate Editors

Julie Wegner, PhD
Tucson, AZ

Cody C. Trowbridge MPS CCP
Danville, PA

Jeffrey B. Riley MHPE CCT CCP
Syracuse, NY

David Fitzgerald BS CCP
Charleston, SC

Patrick W. Weerwind PhD CCP
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Robert A. Baker PhD CCP (Aust)
Adelaide, Australia

Robert Groom, MS, CCP
Portland, ME

Donald S. Likosky, PhD
Ann Arbor, MI

Editorial Board

Cory Alwardt PhD CCP
Phoenix, AZ

D. Mark Brown
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Hamid Darban, PhD, CCP
Phoenix, AZ

Edward Darling MS CCP
Syracuse, NY

William DeBois MBA CCP
New York, NY

Filip De Somer PhD ECCP
Gent, Belgium

Peiquing Dong, MD
Beijing, China

Quingcheng Gong MD
Beijing, China

Colleen Gruenwald MHSc CCP
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Serdar Gunaydin MD PhD
Ankara, Turkey

Eugene A. Hessel II MD
Lexington, KY

Ashley Hodge MBA CCP FPP
Columbus, OH

Hideshi Itoh MS MPhil CCP
Kochi, Japan

Robert S. Kramer MD
Portland, ME

D. Scott Lawson MPS CCP
Aurora, CO

Lena Lindholm ECCP PhD
Umea, Sweden

Gregory S. Matte CCP LP FPP
Boston, MA

Darryl McMillan CCP (Aust)
Sydney, Australia

Frank Merkle, ECCP
Berlin, Germany

Linda Mongero BS CCP
New York, NY

Kevin Niimi MPS CCP
Dallas, TX

Gerald J. Myers RRT CCP
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Vincent Olshove BS CCP FPP
Los Angeles, CA

Thomas J. Preston CCP
Columbus, OH

Jay S. Raval MD
Chapel Hill, NC

Bruce Searles BS CCP
Syracuse, NY

Joseph J. Sistino PhD CCP
Charleston, SC

Zuorui Song MD CCP
Jacksonville, FL

Robin G. Sutton MS CCP
Chicago, IL

Tim Willcox CCP
Auckland, New Zealand

Epidemiology and Statistics

Donald S. Likosky PhD
Ann Arbor, MI

Jeremiah Brown, PhD
Hanover, NH

Managing Editor

AmSECT Headquarters
Chicago, IL


Thomaskutty Alumparambil
Yakima, WA

Keith Amberman BS CCP
Falls Church, VA

Molly Dreher BS
Philadelphia, PA

Susan Jones Englert RN BSN CNOR CCP
Witchita, KS

Robert J. Grimmett MS
Tacoma, WA

Carole Hamilton CPC CCP
Vogtareuth, Germany

David W. Holt MA CCT
Omaha, NE

Dennis Long DHSc MS CCP
Evanston, IL

Harry Leonard McCarthy BS CCP
Richmond, VA

Erick McNair PhD CCP
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

James Neal CCP
Rochester, MN

Jorge Ojito CCP FPP
Miami, FL

Jane Ottens BScDip PerF CCP (Aust)
Adelaide, Australia

Theron Paugh CCP
Ann Arbor, MI

Luc Puis CCP
Jette, Brussel, Belgium

Keith Samolyk BS CCP LCP
Somers, CT

Kenneth G. Shann CCP
Boston, MA

Jennifer Schaadt MS MBA CCP
Encino, CA

Rosie Smith MSc
London, UK

Alfred H. Stammer MS CCP LP
Sweet Valley, PA

Trevor Swyers MS
Roseville, CA

Mukta Tiwari PhD
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Heinz Weitkemper ECCP
Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

* Reviewed at least one manuscript within the last 12 months. 

Past Journal Editors

Edward Berger 1969-1972 Jeffrey B. Riley 1987-1989
Edward Romanowski 1972-1973 Roger Vertrees 1990
Emily Taylor 1974-1976 Phyllis Stark Palmer 1991-1999
Mary Hartley 1976-1977 Alfred H. Stammers 2000-2005
Emily Taylor 1977-1981 Robert C. Groom 2006-2015
Nancy Acorn 1981-1985 Julie Wegner 2015-2018
James P Dearing 1986

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