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Job TitleLocationPosted
Perfusionist - CMC Main Charlotte, NC 2019-06-13
Perfusionist Newark, DE 2019-06-13
Perfusionist Boston, MA 2019-06-13
Perfusionist - CV Surgery Rochester, MN 2019-06-13
Perfusionist - Cardiovascular Institute Sioux Falls, SD 2019-06-13
Clinical Perfusionist Chapel Hill, NC 2019-06-06
Staff Perfusionist Richmond, VA 2019-06-06
Staff Perfusionist  Albuquerque, NM 2019-06-06
Staff & Chief Perfusionist Cape Girardeau, MO 2019-06-06
Product Support Specialist Denver, CO 2019-06-06
Cardiovascular Perfusionist New York, NY  2019-06-06
Two Pediatric Perfusionists  Gainesville, FL 2019-06-06
Pediatric Perfusionist Pittsburgh, PA 2019-06-06
Staff Perfusionist Rehoboth Beach, DE 2019-06-06
Staff Perfusionist New York, NY 2019-05-30
Perfusionist Hackensack, NJ 2019-05-30
Lead Perfusionist Gainesville, FL 2019-05-30
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Bethesda, MD 2019-05-23
Staff Perfusionist Lakeland, FL 2019-05-23
Perfusionist I Lynchburg, VA 2019-05-23
Perfusionist San Antonio, TX 2019-05-23
Staff Perfusionist Chicago, IL 2019-05-23
Staff Perfusionist Denison/Sherman, TX 2019-05-23
Director of Perfusion  Parkersburg, WV 2019-05-23
Staff Perfusionist Minneapolis, MN 2019-05-17
Perfusionist Milwaukee, WI 2019-05-17
Staff Perfusionist  Las Vegas, NV 2019-05-17
Staff Perfusionist  Livonia, MI 2019-05-17
Staff Perfusionist Jonesboro, AR 2019-05-17
Travel Perfusionist

Indiana, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington DC area

Locums Perfusionist Charleston, WV  2019-05-17
Pediatric Perfusionist Atlanta, GA 2019-05-17
Staff Perfusionist Norman, OK  2019-05-10
Cardiovascular Perfusionist Bethesda, MD 2019-05-10
Staff Perfusionist Everett, WA 2019-05-10
Staff Perfusionist Fort Worth, TX 2019-05-10
Staff Perfusionist Everett, WA 2019-05-10
Contractor Perfusionists  Nationwide 2019-05-10
Staff Perfusionist Sioux Falls, SD 2019-05-10
Travel Perfusionist Texas & Oklahoma 2019-05-10
Staff Perfusionist Beaumont, TX 2019-05-10
Staff Perfusionist Minneapolis, MN 2019-05-02
Staff Perfusionist Albuquerque, NM 2019-05-02
Perfusionist Medford, OR 2019-05-02
Area Clinical Manager Portland, OR 2019-05-02
Staff Perfusionist Morgantown, WV  2019-05-02
Staff Perfusionist San  Francisco, CA 2019-05-02
Adult Perfusionist - Clinical Instructor Oklahoma City, OK  2019-04-26
Perfusionist Minneapolis, MN 2019-04-26
Staff Perfusionist  Appleton, WI 2019-04-26
Adult Cardiopulmonary Bypass Perfusionist Dallas, TX 2019-04-26
Perfusionist Bowling Green, KY 2019-04-26
Clinical Perfusionist Cincinnati, OH 2019-04-26
Staff Perfusionist San Francisco/San Jose, CA  2019-04-26
Pediatric Perfusionist (Certified) New Orleans, LA 2019-04-26
Clinical Perfusionist Indianapolis, IN 2019-04-26
Staff Perfusionist Lexington, KY 2019-04-26
UI Heart and Vascular Center Cardiovascular Perfusionist Iowa City, IA 
Staff Perfusionist  Las Vegas, NV 2019-04-18
Staff Perfusionist San Jose, CA 2019-04-18
Staff Perfusionist  Fort Worth, TX 2019-04-18
Staff Perfusionist Phoenix, AZ 2019-04-18
Staff Perfusionist Pittsburgh, PA 2019-04-18
Perfusionist  Rochester, NY 2019-04-18
Perfusionist Tacoma, WA 2019-04-18
Perfusionist Des Moines, IA 2019-04-11
Staff Perfusionist Tampa, FL 2019-04-11
Perfusionist  Akron, OH 2019-04-11
Staff Perfusionist Northeast, PA 2019-04-11

Full-Time Staff Perfusionist

Montgomery, AL 2019-04-11

Full-Time Staff Perfusionist

Petersburg, VA 2019-04-11

Pediatric Perfusionist

Austin, TX


Perfusionist - Travel 

Washington, DC 2019-04-04

Staff Perfusionist   

Richmond, VA 2019-04-04

Perfusionist - New Graduate

West Palm Beach, FL 2019-04-04


Mobile, AL 2019-04-04

Staff Perfusionist

 New Haven, CT 2019-04-04

Regional Director of Operations

Colorado, Utah & Wyoming 2019-03-29

ECMO Specialist 

Albuquerque, NM 2019-03-29

Staff Perfusionist

Pittsburgh, PA 2019-03-29


San Francisco, CA 2019-03-29

Perfusionist II 

Palo Alto, CA 2019-03-29


Cumberland, MD 2019-03-26

Pediatric Cardiovascular Perfusionist

Milwaukee, WI 2019-03-26

Staff Perfusionist 

Chicago, IL 2019-03-26

Contract Perfusionist

San Diego, CA 2019-03-26

Staff Perfusionist

Worcester, MA 2019-03-26


Cumberland, MD 2019-03-21


Stockton, CA 2019-03-21

Perfusion Director

Cumberland, MD 2019-03-21

Full Time Clinical Perfusionist

TN, AR, MS 2019-03-21

Staff Perfusionist

Texoma Region, TX 2019-03-11

Staff Perfusionist 

Sacramento, CA 2019-03-11

Pediatric Perfusionist

Atlanta, GA 2019-03-11

Cardiovascular Perfusionist

Dallas-Ft Worth, TX 2019-03-11

Staff Perfusionist - Level 1 Trauma

Chicago, IL 2019-03-11

Clinical Perfusionist

Wynnewood, PA 2019-03-11

Director of Perfusion

Oklahoma City, OK 2019-02-28
Regional Coordinator Pittsburgh, PA


Area Clinical Manager - Perfusionist Urbana, Illinois


Senior Director, Perfusion Services

York, PA 2019-02-22


York, PA 2019-02-22

Staff Perfusionist

Johnstown, PA 2019-02-22

AmSECT Membership Eligibility

An Active Member shall be any perfusionist active in the practice of extracorporeal circulation technology. There are also opportunities to become a Transitional Active Member for those less than a year removed from graduation from an approved accredited training program. Other options include; an Associate Membership, International Membership, Perioperative Blood Management Clinician Membership, and Student Membership.

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AmSECT members may post an available position for a perfusion specialty at your institution or firm.

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