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ICEBP Newsletter #8 - December 2011

ICEBP Newsletter # 8 July 2011

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International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion

This is the eighth Newsletter from the International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion. As much of the guideline work is in progress behind the curtains right now, there is only one topic in this newsletter, namely the 2011 Best Practices Perfusion Safety Meeting in San Antonio, October 5-8, 2011. And oh yes, the ICEBP is now on Twitter...

In this Newsletter:

- Best Practices and Perfusion Safety Meeting – “Bringing it Home”

Best Practices and Perfusion Safety Meeting – “Bringing it Home”

The Executive Committee and the Scietific Sessions Subcommittee, together with AmSECT, are excited to present you the final program of the 2011 Best Practices Perfusion Safety Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, USA, October 5-8, 2011.

For the PDF of the final program, click on the picture, or on this link:http://www.amsect.org/sections/education/Best_Practices/2011PS-BP-Brochure.pdf. For registration and accomodation information, please visit:http://www.amsect.org/sections/education/Best_Practices/index.html. Make sure you provide your choice on time for the workshops and townhall chats, places are limited for each session.

This year, the theme of the meeting will be "Bringing It Home"; our aim being to ensure that every delegate is able to take away tangible knowledge regarding how to improve their practice at their home institution. To achieve this, we have developed an exciting program including general and panel discussions, workshops and fireside chats. Our sessions have been tailored such that all delegates get exposure to the faculty. We will be running a simulation program this year with a focus on low-fidelity simulation, and include ample slots for attendees to gain hands-on experience. We have added a series of town hall chats this year to foster small group discussions and meeting with experts on a variety of topics, including: assessing the literature, simulation and clinical databases. Our keynote speakers, Al Stammers and Jeff Riley, will provide insight on implementing change into practice. Each speaker’s topic will be followed by a series of topics related to implementing practices at one’s center. In addition, our keynote speakers will focus on applying low-fidelity simulation (adult, pediatric and ECMO) in the clinical setting. The development of an international registry, evidence-based guidelines, and quality improvement initiatives are all areas that have been focused on throughout the previous year by the Consortium. To that end, the planning committee is pleased to provide updates of this work, with discussions on how it can be tailored towards daily implementation. We acknowledge and appreciate the generous support from our manufacturing colleagues who, in this difficult economic climate, have made this educational conference possible. They have committed themselves to partnering with us in our pursuit of new knowledge and continuous improvement of practice. We also wish to acknowledge the diligent work of the organizing committee and Ruggles Service Corporation, who have spent months planning and coordinating this exciting program.

Last, we thank you for representing the international perfusion community and electing to participate and contribute to the mission of the ICEBP.

For the Scientific Sessions Planning Committee

Robert A. Baker PhD, Dip. Perf, CCP (Aus)
Chair, International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion (ICEBP)

The ICEBP is now on Twitter!

The International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion has created a Twitter account. This rapidly growing means of communication is ideal for keeping the perfusion community up-to-date for new publications, newsworthy articles and meeting information.

Klik on the Twitter-bird to go to our Twitter homepage. You will be kept updated on new articles, guidelines and interesting meetings, all related to evidence-based practice and perfusion.

To show the speed of this medium, we had our first follower only 20 minutes after our first tweet!

We hope you have enjoyed this Newsletter and look forward to providing you with our next edition!

The Communications Subcommittee

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ICEBP - Mission & Vision

The International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion (ICEBP) is a partnership and collaboration between perfusion societies, medical societies, clinicians and industry to improve continuously the delivery of care and outcomes for our patients.

To achieve this mission, we will focus our energies in two principle areas:


• Create an international perfusion registry and facilitate its implementation
• Identify gaps between current and evidence-based clinical practice


• Review, comment, and/or endorse evidence-based guidelines concerning the practice of cardiopulmonary bypass
• Collaborate with medical societies in the development of guidelines concerning the practice of cardiopulmonary bypass

In order to succeed, the ICEBP will foster communication amongst its membership through a web portal, scientific conference, and internal and external publications.

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