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ICEBP Newsletter #5 - March 2010

ICEBP Newsletter # 5 March 2010

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International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion

This is the fifth Newsletter from the International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion. In this issue, we will be focusing on the progress of The Guidelines Writing Subcommittee. Further on, we have some other news items of interest that will be presented.

In this Newsletter:

- Update on Guidelines Development
- Manuscript from the Pediatric Subcommittee accepted for publication
- Selection of presentations from Best Practices Meeting 2009 available online
- Informal Meeting at the AMSECT International Meeting in Reno
- Acknowledgements

Update from the Guidelines Subcommittee on the Guidelines Development


The mission of the Guideline Writing Subcommittee is to develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for cardiovascular perfusion. This committee has adopted the methodology used by the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association (http://www.acc.org/qualityandscience/clinical/manual/manual_index.htm ) Guideline Writing Group.


One of the obstacles that was discovered early was being able to manage the large volume of work and large number of workers needed to actually achieve our goals of developing guidelines fashioned on the strict ACC/AHA methodology. We needed to actually develop some tools to aid us in each facet of the work. The Flinders Medical Centre group in Australia has developed an online tool, “Guideliner” to help in this endeavor.

Simply put, “Guideliner” helps us organize the review of the abstracts and structures our paper reviews, electronically filing all of the responses enabling the final synthesis of the vast literature to be organized and structured. We are now starting to see some output from groups using “Guideliner” and this promises to be pivotal to the generation of reproducible and consistent work in the future.


Currently, three projects are being undertaken.

  • Development of Perfusion Guidelines in conjunction with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists. Currently these guidelines are in their formative stage, although some sections are more developed than others.
  • Update of the Ferraris Perioperative Blood Management Guidelines in conjunction with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. This work is nearing completion, with a draft manuscript currently under review by co-authors
  • Development of the perfusion guidelines by the ICEBP, especially related to the inflammatory response. These guidelines are progressing well, with the hope of completion of all sections and a manuscript by 2010.

A progress report on all these guidelines will be presented at Amsect’s 48th International Conference in Reno, Nevada.


The Guideline Writing Subcommittee is looking forward to two pieces of work being published imminently:

  • An editorial on Perfusion Data in Scientific Journals: Perfusion Standards of Reporting Trials (PERFSORT) – to be published in JECT, and
  • “Effect of the Perioperative Blood Transfusion and Blood Conservation in Cardiac Surgery Clinical Practice Guidelines of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists upon Clinical Practices” currently under joint revision for JECT and Anesthesia & Analgesia.

Future work - volunteers for subsequent projects

Although lots of work is already done, it is never complete. Therefore, the Guidelines Writing Subcommittee is seeking for volunteers to help in subsequent projects. The ICEBP will provide support and resources, and you don’t need to be a Guideline Specialist to enroll in this interesting endeavor. All are welcome to contribute, including students, and practicing perfusionists. Volunteering could include both short and long-term commitments.

If you’re interested, please contact Rob Baker or David Fitzgerald for further assistance.

Manuscript from the Pediatric Subcommittee accepted for publication

The Pediatric Subcommittee has continued to develop and support its collaborative relationship with the STS Congenital Database Taskforce, Multi-Societal Database Committee for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease (MSDCPCHD), and the AmSECT Pediatric Committee. In 2009, the ICEBP Pediatric Subcommittee, in collaboration with the AmSECT Pediatric Committee, developed new variables and definitions for the 2010 Update (version 3.0) of the STS Congenital Database that focuses on the practice of congenital and pediatric perfusion. A list of new variables and definitions was accepted for inclusion by the STS Congenital Database Taskforce. A manuscript describing the process and resulting variables and definitions is in press at the World Journal for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery (WJPCHS). A print version will be in the inaugural edition of the WJPCHS in April.

We have worked with the editor of this journal to offer free online-access to this article. Anyone can register for free online access to Volumes 1-3 of WJPCHS at the following URL:

http://www.sagepub.com/journalsProdDesc.nav?prodId=Journal201975. Through the strength of the STS Congenital Database (over 90 participating congenital heart surgery centers) we hope to identify associations between congenital perfusion practice and patient outcome.

An editorial on this subject will be published in a forthcoming issue of JECT in 2010.

Selection of presentations from Best Practices Meeting 2009 available online

It has taken us a while, but we have finally published a selection of presentations from the 2009 Best Practices/Perfusion Safety Meeting in New Orleans, on the website. Follow ../../../sections/siteevents/Best_Practice_2009/index.html to download PDF’s of presentations or MP3’s of talks. Better late than never!

Meanwhile, we would like to remind you of our upcoming Best Practices Meeting in Toronto, October 6-9, 2010. We hope to meet you there; more info available in our next Newsletter!

Informal Meeting @ the Amsect Int'l Meeting in Reno

The ICEBP executive thought it would be a good opportunity for people participating in the work of the ICEBP or wanting to know more about the ICEBP to hold an informal meeting during the Amsect Reno Meeting.

This has been scheduled for Friday lunch time (1400-1500, 30th April 2010, please remember it will be a BYO lunch!). It will give us all a chance to have a good chat.


We would like to thank Medtronic Inc. for their contribution to this Newsletter in providing us translational support for the Members of the ICEBP Steering Committee.

We hope you have enjoyed this Newsletter and hope you look forward to our sixth edition!

The Communications Subcommittee

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ICEBP - Mission & Vision

The International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion (ICEBP) is a partnership and collaboration between perfusion societies, medical societies, clinicians and industry to improve continuously the delivery of care and outcomes for our patients.

To achieve this mission, we will focus our energies in two principle areas:


• Create an international perfusion registry and facilitate its implementation
• Identify gaps between current and evidence-based clinical practice


• Review, comment, and/or endorse evidence-based guidelines concerning the practice of cardiopulmonary bypass
• Collaborate with medical societies in the development of guidelines concerning the practice of cardiopulmonary bypass

In order to succeed, the ICEBP will foster communication amongst its membership through a web portal, scientific conference, and internal and external publications.

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