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ICEBP Newsletter #2 - June 2009

ICEBP Newsletter # 2

June 2009


International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion

This is the second Newsletter from the International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion. It’s a busy period for the ICEBP, with the upcoming meeting in New Orleans, but we keep our newsletter running. In this issue we focus on the structure of the ICEBP and get a picture of the different subcommittees and their latest achievements. If you desire us to focus on a different topic in future newsletters, please send your suggestions, to the communications subcommittee.

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Structure of the ICEBP

As stated in the Mission and Vision statement, ‘The International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion (ICEBP) is a partnership and collaboration between perfusion societies, medical societies, clinicians and industry to improve continuously the delivery of care and outcomes for our patients.’ It does so with the use of five different subcommittees [Communications, Guideline Writing, Pediatrics, Registry and Scientific Sessions], all of which are overseen by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee itself consists of the members of the Executive Committee, and one representative of each of the member organizations. Currently, there are 17 member organizations. Structurally, the ICEBP is a committee within AmSECT.

Let’s take a look at all the different committees and subcommittees and their objectives.

Executive Committee

The executive is the engine room of the ICEBP – initially established in 2005 with 4 members, this committee has now grown to 6 members, reflecting the ICEBP’s increased workload. Currenty the executive consist of

Rob Baker (Chair)
Donny Likosky (Director)
Kenny Shann
Theron Paugh
Ian Shearer
Dave Fitzgerald

This group meets every week via teleconference and is responsible for the ICEBP’s administration. Additionally, the executive group focuses its attention on the ICEBP’s day-to-day business, and ensures that this work product supports the ICEBP’s mission and vision. To facilitate these tasks, each member of the executive serves where possible on a number of the ICEBP’s subcommittees. The administrative work of the ICEBP is supported by AmSECT.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of the Executive Committee and a representative of each of the Member Organizations and functions to provide oversight for the work of each subcommittee. The committee ideally would meet every month via a conference call to keep the member organizations informed of the ICEBP’s latest developments and achievements. In addition, these calls would serve to faciltate the development of strategies to overcome obstacles that may impede the progress of the ICEBP. To date, regular calls have been difficult to schedule, although they remain a goal of this group. We are currently considering the possibility of scheduling bi-monthly calls on rotating times and days of the week. Noteworthy is that ICEBP offers limited reimbursement for conference calls for societies. The Steering Committee will hold it’s annual meeting at the New Orleans Best Practices Meeting, June 25, 2009.

The Steering Comittee recently endorsed the PerfSORT (http://perfsort.net) initiative, which aims to standardise the reporting of studies in the scientific literature that utilize cardiopulmonary bypass. You’ll find out more about this initiative in one of our future newsletters.

ICEBP's Subcommittees

The subcommittees serve to conduct the necessary work of accomplishing the mission of the ICEBP and report their progress to the steering committee.

There are currently five active subcommittees.

Guidelines Writing Subcommittee

Current Chair: Rob Baker

The mission of the guideline writing subcommittee is to develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for cardiovascular perfusion. Currently, this subcommittee is very busy on several projects.

  • A web-based database for the review of numerous articles is being set up to facilitate the work of developing the guidelines. The goal of this application is to streamline workflow and organization to improve the quality and efficiency of guidelines generated by the ICEBP.
  • The public webpage of the Guidelines Subcommittee is undergoing some updating, with the publication of current available guidelines on cardiac surgery and perfusion, current work of the ICEBP on guidelines and some interesting literature. The work is still under construction, but you can already take a peek at theGuidelines Webpage.
  • The ICEBP is in the process of developing new evidence-based guidelines for the practice of perfusion, as well as reviewing and endorsing existing guideline documents. Currently the ICEBP is developing a guideline document for the Systemic Inflammatory Response.
  • The ICEBP has partnered with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) and Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists (SCA) in developing an update of the current guideline Perioperative Blood Transfusion and Blood Conservation in Cardiac Surgery (free full-text). This project is currently in the writing phase with publication projected within the next year.
  • The ICEBP has partnered with the STS and SCA to develop guidelines for the practice of cardiopulmonary bypass. This project is currently in the organizational phase with topic areas identified and literature searches being developed.

Scientific Sessions Subcommittee

Current Chair: Rob Baker

The mission of the scientific sessions subcommittee is to develop and organize an annual scientific meeting focused on facilitating the goals of the ICEBP mission statement. The scientific meetings cover topics related to all subcommittees, and serves as a vehicle for building and strengthening a sense of community among all individuals involved with the care of cardiac surgery patients .

This subcommittee is in the eye of the storm right now, getting ready for the Perfusion Safety and Best Practices Meeting in New Orleans, June 24-27, 2009. It’s probably too late now to plan a visit, but no worries, a selection of presentations will be available soon after the meeting for viewing on the ICEBP website. We’ll keep you posted in our next newsletter.

Pediatrics Subcommittee

Current Chairs: Kenneth Shann, Lynn Harness

The mission of the pediatric subcommittee is to develop, foster and promote process improvement in the delivery of perfusion services for neonatal, infant and pediatric patients. The objectives of this committee include the development of pediatric practice guidelines and a registry specific to pediatric perfusion.

In 2009, the ICEBP was invited by Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs to assist in the refinement and development of perfusion-related fields in the Society of Thoracic Surgeons' Congenital Database. The recommendations for the 2010 STS Congenital Database have been submitted to Dr. Jeff Jacobs (sent early March).

Representatives of the ICEBP were present at the STS Congenital Database Taskforce Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts on May 9, 2009. This committee reviewed the proposal put forth by the ICEBP. It appears at this juncture that most of our proposals were well received. We hope to provide the perfusion community with the final list of accepted fields in short order.

Clinically-based Registry Subcommittee

Current Chair: Donald Likosky

The mission of the registry subcommittee is to maintain a registry of the practice of cardiopulmonary bypass, and synthesize and share useful and actionable clinical information from this registry to engage and improve continuously the care provided to patients.

Currently, a Beta version of the web-based registry has been developed and a pilot study is about to be conducted in Michigan, to finetune the registry. The ICEBP registry is now a product which is distinct from AmSECT. As such, it is financially independent. The pilot will be supported in part from industry and the Michigan Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons Quality Collaborative. This pilot will give us our first insight into the value and role of the ICEBP Registry as we go forward.

You will find out more about registries soon, as several presentations from the New Orleans Meeting 2009 will soon become available on the ICEBP website.

Communications Subcommittee

Current Chair: Theron Paugh

The objectives of the communications subcommittee are:

  • facilitating communication between the ICEBP and member organizations
  • facilitating communication and develop tools to increase the productivity of the ICEBP committees
  • use all available means to communicate the activity of the ICEBP to members of the perfusion community and other related clinicians

Currently, the communications subcommittee is busy with the update of the Guidelines webpage, the writing of these very newsletters and after the meeting in New Orleans, the editing and publishing of selected presentations from the Best Practices Meeting on the website.

This subcommittee was also involved in developing the concept of the web-based article database for the guidelines subcommittee.

Future Newsletters

In future newsletters, we will focus on the work of the different subcommittees, one at a time, to have a detailed view on how the subcommittees work and who is involved and how you can get involved. You can always find and contact the Chair of each subcommittee on their respective webpages, to find out more and get involved. Subjects like the PerfSORT initiative, the Workcenter of the ICEBP and others will also be discussed in future newsletters.

How to get involved

The ICEBP wishes to emphasize its actions by focussing on the “I” for International. Collaborating with people from different nationalities has proven to be a positive experience, albeit challenging due to language and timezone differences.

The benefit of being involved in the ICEBP works both ways; the ICEBP takes advantage of the experience and knowledge of its individual contributors, while the individual can broaden his/her experience and knowledge from the combined effort that is the hallmark of the ICEBP.

Wanna join the club? Have you been interested before, lost contact and were afraid to restore it? You don’t think your input matters? We believe it does! Take a look at ourdifferent committees and contact one of the chairs to see if you can get involved.

ICEBP - Mission & Vision

The International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion (ICEBP) is a partnership and collaboration between perfusion societies, medical societies, clinicians and industry to improve continuously the delivery of care and outcomes for our patients.

To achieve this mission, we will focus our energies in two principle areas:


• Create an international perfusion registry and facilitate its implementation
• Identify gaps between current and evidence-based clinical practice


• Review, comment, and/or endorse evidence-based guidelines concerning the practice of cardiopulmonary bypass
• Collaborate with medical societies in the development of guidelines concerning the practice of cardiopulmonary bypass

In order to succeed, the ICEBP will foster communication amongst its membership through a web portal, scientific conference, and internal and external publications.

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