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Job TitleLocationPosted
Perfusionist San Bernardino, CA 2020-7-31
Pediatric Perfusionist Los Angeles, CA 2020-7-31
Staff Perfusionist Lubbock, TX 2020-7-31
Chief of Perfusion Services New York, NY 2020-7-31
Perfusionist Suffern, NY 2020-7-31
Part-Time Staff Perfusionist Eau Claire, WI 2020-7-24
Travel Perfusionist South US 2020-7-24
Travel Perfusionist Wisconsin 2020-7-24
Travel Perfusionist East Coast 2020-7-24
Staff Perfusionist Buffalo, NY 2020-7-24
Staff Perfusionist (Peds) Miami, FL 2020-7-24
Full Time Perfusionist Oxford, MS 2020-7-24
Full Time Perfusionist Jonesboro, AR 2020-7-24
Perfusionist  Memphis, TN 2020-7-24
Perfusionist  Columbus, MS 2020-7-24
Perfusionist New York, NY 2020-7-24
Pediatric Perfusionist Jacksonville, FL 2020-7-24
Staff Perfusionist Gainesville, FL 2020-7-17
Staff Perfusionist New Haven, CT 2020-7-17
Staff Perfusionist   Los Angeles, CA 2020-7-17
Perfusionist Orlando, FL 2020-7-17
Clinical Perfusionist Lincoln, NE 2020-7-17
Perfusionist Pismo Beach, CA 2020-7-17
Cardiovascular Perfusionist New York, NY 2020-7-17
Perfusionist  Milwaukee, WI 2020-7-10
Staff Perfusionist Albuquerque, NM 2020-7-10
Perfusionist - PRN San Antonio, TX 2020-7-10
Staff Perfusionist Lexington, KY 2020-7-10
Staff Perfusionist Camden, NJ 2020-7-10
Staff Perfusionist Richmond, VA 2020-7-10
Staff Perfusionist Sioux Falls, SD 2020-7-10
Perfusionist  Auburn, AL 2020-7-10
Cardiovascular Staff Perfusionist Boston, MA 2020-7-10
Perfusionist Gainesville, FL 2020-7-10
Staff Perfusionist  Bangor, ME 2020-7-10
Staff Perfusionist Tampa, FL 2020-7-03
Director of Perfusion Toledo, OH 2020-7-03
Staff Perfusionist  Las Vegas, NV 2020-7-03
Staff Perfusionist Parkersburg, WV 2020-7-03
Staff Perfusionist  Racine, WI 2020-7-03
Pediatric Perfusionist Austin, TX 2020-7-03
Staff Perfusionist Sioux City, IA 2020-7-03
Perfusionist Annapolis, MD 2020-7-03
Chief Perfusionist Annapolis, MD 2020-7-03
Staff Perfusionist  Racine, WI 2020-6-26
Director of Perfusion Racine, WI 2020-6-26
Perfusionist  Tucson, AZ 2020-6-26
Pediatric Perfusionist San Antonio, TX 2020-6-26
Teaching Associate - Cardiovascular Perfusionist Seattle, WA 2020-6-19
Clinical Perfusionist Cincinnati, OH 2020-6-19
Travel Perfusionist Oregon 2020-6-19
Staff Perfusionist Eau Claire, WI 2020-6-19
Perfusionist Cincinnati, OH 2020-6-19
Travel Perfusionist for ECMO Coverage West Coast region 2020-6-10
Staff Perfusionist Gainesville, FL 2020-6-10
Staff Perfusionist Amarillo, TX 2020-6-10
Director of Perfusion  Amarillo, TX 2020-6-10
Perfusionist Loma Linda, CA 2020-6-10
Perfusionist Richmond, VA 2020-6-10
Pediatric Perfusionist San Francisco, CA 2020-6-05
Perfusionist  Hattiesburg, MS 2020-6-05
Staff Perfusionist Largo, FL 2020-5-28
Staff Perfusionist Clearwater, FL 2020-5-28
Chief Perfusionist Marietta, OH 2020-5-28
Perfusionist Baltimore, MD 2020-5-28
Perfusionist Allentown, PA 2020-5-28
Perfusionist Laredo, TX 2020-5-28
Perfusionist Boston, MA 2020-5-22
Staff Perfusionsist Sayre, PA 2020-5-22
Staff Perfusionist Baltimore, MD 2020-5-22
Perfusionist Kalamazoo, MI 2020-5-22
Perfusionist Sacramento, CA 2020-5-22
Clinical Perfusionist Cincinnati, OH 2020-5-22
Staff Perfusionist Los Angeles, CA 2020-5-15
Perfusionist Oxnard, CA 2020-5-15
Clinical Perfusionist Lexington, KY 2020-5-15
Perfusionist Sayre, PA 2020-5-15
Staff Perfusionist Louisville, KY 2020-5-08
Staff Perfusionist Ocean Springs, MS 2020-5-08
Staff Perfusionist Indianapolis, IN 2020-5-08

AmSECT Membership Eligibility

An Active Member shall be any perfusionist active in the practice of extracorporeal circulation technology. There are also opportunities to become a Transitional Active Member for those less than a year removed from graduation from an approved accredited training program. Other options include; an Associate Membership, International Membership, Perioperative Blood Management Clinician Membership, and Student Membership.

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AmSECT members may post an available position for a perfusion specialty at your institution or firm.

Non-members may also post positions free of charge, to be reviewed by National Headquarters prior to posting.

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