List Digest, Jun 22, 2021

Colette S. Calame, BS CCP FPP

List Digest, Jun 22, 2021
Congratulations Rob!!
You have been such a great colleague and contributor to our pediatric perfusion community!!
All the best to you and your family my friend!!
Colette Calame
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- Rob Bowers Retirement - (Jorge L. Molina, PA-C CCP FPP)
1. Rob Bowers Retirement (Jorge L. Molina, PA-C CCP FPP) From: Jorge L. Molina, PA-C CCP FPP
Subject: Rob Bowers Retirement My great friend, Rob Bowers from Salt Lake City called me last week to let me know of his upcoming retirement from the perfusion field. I have known him since the 80's. He was one of the founders of the National Alliance of Pediatric Perfusionists (now AmSECT pediatric chapter). He has seen the transition from the 80's to the current state of pediatric perfusion. I still remember when he told me that NIRS is wonderful before Dallas utilized it. Anytime advise/consultations were needed, we would share our ideas and concepts to better improve the quality of care for the CHILD.

You are a great professional, clinical role model, human being and friend that will always be in my heart. The pediatric perfusion community thanks you for helping us in pediatrics over the years you have been in the field.

May the Heavens give you many more years with E, H, S and W, mi amigo from HR Circle, SLC!

Jorge Molina, PA-C, CCP, FPP


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