List Digest, Mar 28, 2021

Kathy K. Spitzer, CCP CCT

List Digest, Mar 28, 2021
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The following posts were made on Mar 28, 2021

1. Autotransfusion Clinical Priorities - (John Ingram)
2. RE: Autotransfusion Clinical Priorities - (Timothy Sean Hunsinger, CCP-LP)
3. Autotransfusion Clinical Priorities - (John Ingram)
4. Hyperoxemia Survey - (Courtney Beletti)
1. Autotransfusion Clinical Priorities (John Ingram<mailto:[login to unmask email]>)
From: John Ingram
Subject: Autotransfusion Clinical Priorities

Fellow Colleagues:

My name is John Ingram CCP and I am presently pursuing my Master's Degree in Perfusion at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Myself along with three of my fellow classmates are researching clinical aspects of autotransfusion and would greatly appreciate your input on the following question:


Some of the most important aspects of utilizing an autotransfusion device include a number of key clinical considerations. These clinical considerations are:

* a high end-product hematocrit, 2) the user friendliness, or ease of use of the device 3) the effectiveness of the washing process regarding its net removal of the many undesirable and harmful entities, 4) the net volume of the end-product, (i.e. the volume size of the bowl) and 5) the amount of time it takes to produce the end-product, (i.e. the speed of the process).


If you were charged with the responsibility of selecting the optimal centrifugal based autotransfusion device for use at your institution, what clinical qualities of the device would be the highest priority in making your selection? Please rate in order of priority 1 to 5, with 1 being your highest clinical priority

__4___ Ease of Use

__5___ Speed of Processing, (minimal amount of time)

__3___ End Product Hematocrit

__1___ Bowl Volume (pediatric center)

__2___ Washing Process Effectiveness (Net Removal of Undesirable Entities)

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