ECMO Specialist

Position: ECMO Specialist

Location: Richmond, VA


Duties and Responsibilities:
Assist the physician, perfusionist and/or other clinical staff members with initiation of ECMO, the course and conduct of ECMO, and the conclusion of ECMO and any related therapies therein including but not limited to circuit or component changes, priming, blood bank communications, medication administration as licensure permits, and hemofiltration as examples.
Demonstrate a culture of safety through a hand-off of the ECMO patient covering all aspects of the patient’s care and the state of the ECMO circuit.
Provide a detailed examination of the circuit to ensure its integrity, while written parameters and a plan of care are worked out during rounds.
Ensure the continuity of the ECMO circuit as a whole, keeping it safe and secure during patient handling. Reducing the risks of circuit compromise by regular assessments is ongoing.
Assesse blood gas values, anticoagulation parameters and other laboratory values and work within a prescribed set of parameters and guidelines to maintain the patient in an optimal state of well-being.
Monitor anticoagulation, analgesics, inotropes and other infusions are titrated, blood products are ordered and given, and the ECMO pump flow and oxygenator gas flow adjusted as needed.
Maintain regular effective communication with physicians, hospital and clinical staff, direct supervisors and back-up personnel and/or others as directed, in performing job duties, responsibilities and requirements when problems develop with equipment and/or personnel as established within SpecialtyCare protocols and policies.
Complete all required documentation, charting and monitoring according to established protocols.
Assist in data collection, quality improvement initiatives and research activities related to ECMO.
Assumes responsibilities with other members of the ECMO Specialist team to coordinate in-house and on-call schedules.
Comply with mandatory ECMO competency related trainings.
Leverage ELSO guidelines and protocols.
Perform other duties and works on special projects as assigned.


Must possess one of the following education backgrounds, credentials and experience as an ECMO Specialist.
Registered Nurse (RN) – holds either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from an accredited education program. Has an active RN license to practice.
Respiratory Therapist – holds either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy from an accredited education program and current Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) certification.
Demonstrates a superior working knowledge of ECMO therapy including but not limited to the ECMO circuit and pump, adjustments to pump flow, sweep flow, FiDO2, anticoagulation therapy to maintain parameters within limits set by the physician, point of care testing, patient monitoring systems, and related policies and procedure guidelines.


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