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The Government Relations Committee oversees a proactive program that monitors state and federal legislation and lobbies in support of regulations impacting the practice of the profession. As surgical practices and technologies change in the health care marketplace, knowledge of laws, and the ability to influence them, are critical in the process of representing perfusionists at every level of health care governance.  The Government Relations Committee assists perfusionists at the state levels of government to ensure the protection of perfusionists, patients and the standards of perfusion procedures both inside and outside of the operating room.

How Has The GRC Helped The Perfusion Profession?

  • Maryland has successfully gained professional licensure with the guidance and assistance of the Government Relations Committee.
  • New York, Florida, Kansas, and Minnesota have licensure bills pending or ready for introduction in their respective state legislatures.
  • Over the past 15 years, the GRC has approved, and AmSECT has awarded, thousands of dollars in direct grants to state societies to fund start-up efforts and/or actively engage in legislative endeavors.
  • The GRC has developed model legislation, model rules and regulations, a professionally published color informational brochure, and a host of other valuable resources for use by you as a Perfusionist engaging in professional legislative advocacy. Many of these resources are available at
  • With the assistance of the GRC, 18 states have gained licensure (titling in California), representing 53 percent of practicing Perfusionists in the United States.
  • The GRC Director monitors state and federal legislation daily to determine the impact of health care legislation on Perfusionists, their scope of practice, and their professional interests.
  • Members of the GRC are assigned the region of the country where they live, specifically to assist state liaisons and state societies. Each member has had direct experience in professional legislative development in his own state.
  • The GRC has sponsored numerous outstanding programs and speakers at AmSECT’s International Conference, as well as contributed speakers to state meetings around the country.  These speakers have included the GRC Director, committee members, professional lobbyists, and state legislators.




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