The National Society of Perfusionists

AmSECT Foundation


The purpose of the AmSECT Foundation is to enhance the quality of extracorporeal services rendered to the public by engaging in programmatic activities that will enhance the knowledge, skills, abilities, and general proficiency of the practitioners.


About the AmSECT Foundation

The Foundation's policies, procedures, and programs are administered under the control of its Board of Directors. All administrative activities, including accounting, record keeping, and regulatory reporting are performed by the Foundation's National Headquarters.



AmSECT Foundation, Inc.

2209 Dickens Rd

Richmond, Virginia 23230-2005


Telephone: 804-565-6363

Fax: 804-282-0090




Scope & Programs

The AmSECT Foundation's scope encompasses educational support, scientific research, recognition of significant professional achievement, and support to other nonprofit organizations whose activities are in consonance with the Foundation's purpose.


The Professional Recognition fund supports the recognition of extraordinary professional accomplishments that ultimately benefit patient care. This includes AmSECT committees Perfusion Without Borders and Achievement Recognition.


Detailed information about this program can be obtained by contacting the Foundation's National Office.


Foundation Contribute

The AmSECT Foundation accepts both unrestricted and restricted donations. A restricted gift specifies exactly the terms and conditions under which use of the proceeds may be conducted. The restriction may be one of purpose, e.g., research only, amount, criteria, or combinations. While restricted gifts are welcome, they can be more difficult to administer. Unrestricted gifts are made with no terms regarding their use as long as it is within the Foundation's charter.


The Foundation welcomes gifts of any amount. All contributors will receive acknowledgement, suitable for tax purposes, and public recognition unless otherwise requested.


There are also a variety of other ways to support the Foundation's programs. The Foundation's legal and tax planning counsels are available to respond to questions regarding estate planning, endowments, trusts, and designated beneficiaries for insurance, to name only some of the possibilities.