CDI 550

William C. Ainsley, CCP

CDI 550

The CDI 550 now "displays" DO2. The calculation has always been there for the calculation of VO2, just never displayed. For either calculation or display, you need to input flow. You can input flow manually to the CDI 550. Ideally, this should be input automatically, especially for continuous Goal Direct Perfusion.

If you have a Terumo pump, you can input the flow into the CDI 550 easily, just add a cable. If you have LivaNova pumps, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money for a module and a cable to input the flow to the CDI 550. I have S5's. I do wish Terumo had a flow probe-module-cable for use with LivaNova pumps. I also wish LivaNova or who ever had a competitor for the CDI 550.  Competition is good.

Does anyone have another solution for automatically inputting flow from an S5 into the CDI? 

Shawn Ott

RE: CDI 550
(in response to William C. Ainsley, CCP)


Great question....I'm sure there are many that are eager to hear of a viable solution.  Our Biomed folks will not agree to anything not fully sanctioned by Terumo as a work-around.  I'm curious to know what others are doing.  Thanks.



Stephen C. Peterson, BS CCP RVT CST

RE: CDI 550
(in response to William C. Ainsley, CCP)

If you want to get a continuous readout of DO2, it is available and user-friendly with the PDS Perfusion Pro software.  We will also very shortly have the VO2 and the calculations that go with the combination of those two readings.  Yes, I have found DO2 to be most useful for improved perfusion.  And the CDI500 to be the most valuable  Yes, competition is good. 

We also now have speech recognition in the newest update which is designed so when going on bypass you can say CPB and you start recording data and timer starts.  Say COOL and it marks it and brings down all the data capture from the live line.  Say Clamp-On and it will start that timer and starts an ischemic timer.  Say CARDIOPLEGIA and it starts counting the time that it is given and say CARDIOPLEGIA again and it will pop up a window and ask how much and temp but that can be auto entered if alway the same amount.  That is the first 10 minutes of bypass and you are recording every 6 seconds in the background and recording on the perfusion record as often as you have the timer set and until you again say CPB which shuts off the collection.  These are the most critical times on bypass.  Hands free....  OK all that to say and as you said ... Compitition is Good.  And you do not have to purchase the CDI 550 to get DO2.  Also,  you don't even need the CDI 500 to get the DO2.  Perfusion Pro will calculate from the blood gas and the pump flow will update the DO2.  Just update the blood gas occasionally to get a more accurate HGB, PO2 and Art Sat for the calculation.  You can download the software at  You get a trial period for free.  It collect data from all equipment with RS232 output. Any questions, contact me at [login to unmask email]  Thanks for listening.  Making perfusion better ... improving lives.  It could be your mother on the table. We need to be perfectionists.  All perfusionist seems to have that attitude.  I like to share with you what I learned in the past 48 years of pumping .. and still enjoying pumping.   
Circa 1972 first perfusion school.  They even had pumps back then.   

Stephen C. Peterson

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